Jessica Biel Workout & Diet: Get Her Secrets To Staying Thin

Jessica Biel Workout

The Jessica Biel Workout combines walking lunges, sprinting, cardio workouts, and yoga. Her secret to staying thin is working out with celebrity trainer Jason Walsh. Jason Walsh is famous for training many actors, athletes, and even musicians.

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Jason Walsh’s clients include Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale, Sofia Bush, Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon and Matt Stone. Jason Walsh puts all his clients through a grueling set of plyometrics, quick yet powerful exercises that tone the body while burning fat. Walsh also has Jessica do weight training to tone her body, Jessica Biel says:

I have an amazing trainer, Jason Walsh, who I work with two or three times a week. We do lots of circuit and strength training, especially for my legs and back, because its quite weak from years of gymnastics. I concentrate on making everything strong, and you can’t do that with just cardio.

Celebrity Trainer Jason Walsh

The goal of the Jessica Biel workout is to make sure that her body is thin and toned. Celebrity trainer Jason Walsh has Jessica Biel do weight training, but keeps it light so that she doesn’t get big muscles. Walsh also makes sure that Jessica Biel’s workouts vary to trick her body into always getting better. The workouts revolve around doing all cardio, circuit training, and yoga. Walsh has Jessica Biel do plyometrics.

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Jessica Biel’s trainer, Jason Walsh says you shouldn’t focus on problem areas. Instead, use his goal for is to keep Jessica Biel thin, toned, and flexible. Jason Walsh says about plyometrics:

These hurt. Even athletes hate them. After Jessica did these the first time, she would’ve punched me if she had the energy. The secret to Jessica Biel’s body is her commitment. She is highly committed and dedicated, and for her its a lifestyle that she’s committed to. She enjoys the way she feels when she works out, and the results that she gets.

To start each workout, Jason Walsh has Jessica Biel do Walking Lunges.  He says that Walking Lunges are important because they stretch the larger leg and glute muscles. For her core, Jessica does Seated Russian Twists. She uses a 5 pound medicine ball, and twists to each side 15 times. 3 sets. Jessica also does Hanging Leg Raises, which are an important core exercise because they:

Don’t build a six-pack but they flatten the abs. Jessica hates them, but she powers through.

Jason Walsh recommends that all his clients read The Core Performance: The Revolutionary Workout Program to Transform Your Body & Your Life by Mark Verstegen. Walsh says this book helps his clients understand how to perform their workout exercises properly.

Jessica Biel Workout Routine

Jessica Biel’s workout routine includes the following sources:

So, here’s the Jessica Biel workout routine:

Jessica Biel Workout Monday Routine

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Make sure to keep up the intensity. Jessica Biel’s trainer, Jason Walsh, says:

Learn how to squat properly, crunch properly and how to do pushups and pullups, two of the best upper body exercises. We tend to use lighter weights and do more reps. We keep moving so it becomes a cardio workout, too.

Jessica Biel Workout Tuesday Routine

  • Cardio Warm Up: Walking Lunges
  • Cardio Warm Up: Jog for 1/2 mile
  • Sprints: 200-meter x2
  • Sprints: 150-meter x2
  • Sprints: 100-meter x2
  • Stair Jumps (20 mins)

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Jessica then does yoga in the afternoon:

Jason Walsh recommends getting a medicine ball to increase the muscles you work during your exercises:

Get a medicine ball and do a lunge with a twist while you are holding the ball. Those are great. You are activating so many muscles at once, and you are using those muscles over so many different planes.

Jessica Biel Workout Wednesday Routine

jessica biel workout thin

Jason Walsh says that:

The best way to lose weight is to blend nutrition, exercise, and physical therapy. Working out at a gym for more than an hour is a waste of time. It’s all about intensity, not how long you spend in the gym.

Jessica Biel Workout Thursday Routine

  • Morning Run with her dogs


jessica biel workout running her dogs

Jessica then does yoga in the afternoon:

Jessica Biel tells Elle Magazine:

Yoga is a constant for me because it keeps my muscles long and flexible. But now that summer’s coming around, I’m planning on spending more time outdoors playing volleyball and jogging with my dog, Tina.

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